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Woodmont's Live Television Broadcast

For over 45 years, Woodmont Baptist Church has broadcast our Sunday Morning Worship Services. Our live broadcast begins at 10:30am every Sunday on WUXP MYTV30 (and Comcast channel 14).


Here are the different ways you can watch our live services, as well as which devices work best.

On a Television:
1. Tune in to channel 30 (local TV network MYTV30).
2. Tune in to channel 14 on Comcast.

On a Smart TV (or TV with smart device like AppleTV, ROKU, etc):
1. Download the BoxCast app and search for Woodmont Baptist Church.
2. Connect to another device (computer/tablet/phone) with an HDMI cable/adapter.
3. Chromecast or Airplay from another device.

On a Computer:
1. Scroll down to view the service on this page.
2. Go to our facebook page to watch live (
 You can chat and comment there as well.

On a Mobile Device (phone/tablet):
1. Open your facebook app and find the Woodmont Baptist Church page (@wbcnashville). You can chat and comment there as well.


(To view services before April 2021, click here)

If it is Sunday morning between 10:30-11:30am in Nashville, you will see the service below (or click either button below the video).


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