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Where are we headed as a church? What does the Lord have in store for us? God only knows the full answers to these questions, but we feel like He is leading us to pursue His mission with a renewed focus … starting right now. We know that He has given us our mission - Scripture is clear that God’s people are to:

• Love the LORD with all that we are

• Love our neighbors as ourselves

• Make disciples of Christ

This is the mission of our church, and everything we do should serve this purpose - to love God and neighbor fully, and to make disciples.

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So what does that look like? What is our vision for how we can fulfill this purpose? We believe God is calling us to bring hope and healing to our neighbors and to the world. We live in a fallen world full of hurt and lostness. We have the unique opportunity to hold out the amazing grace and truth of Jesus Christ as the perfect solution.

How do we become the kind of church that can bring hope and healing to those that desperately need it? We believe we see a strategy in Scripture that a healthy church can follow, and it all revolves around the author and perfecter of our faith - the Lord Jesus Christ:

• Worship Christ

• Know Christ 

• Grow in Christ

• Serve Christ

• Share Christ

This is our strategy, and while worship is the engine that drives this process, each aspect leads to the next. For example, once someone comes to know Christ as Lord and join His body (fellowship), they begin to grow in Christ (discipleship). As they grow in their faith, they are compelled to serve Christ (ministry). In serving Christ daily, they find opportunities to share Christ with everyone they come in contact with (evangelism). Worship remains the goal and fuel of each of these core purposes of the church.

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