Come build homes with us! The Habitat For Humanity Unity Build touches so many lives and we are very blessed to be a part of it. The Unity Build is a partnership with different faith communities throughout Nashville to build both a home and inter-faith relationships. While we are collectively building a house for our neighbor, we are also building relationships with one another!

Our Homeowner & Family

During our previous build, the homeowner and fellow Unity Build volunteer, was Franco Abiangama. Franco has 4 children. To learn more about their story, click here.

Next Build Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Habitat will be undertaking a new type of construction this year by getting into the Townhome business. Why townhomes you ask, well some folks might want a closer communal living space and in case you haven't noticed land in Nashville is becoming scarcer by the day. 

The build process for the new townhomes will see the majority of the framing done in the Spring and Summer build season, with the fall focused more on finish work (at least that's the best guess-timation to date). Because this is uncharted build territory, Habitat has asked if we would have any skilled/knowledgeable folks available to work framing on Sunday April 25th. The process will be a little more involved than the pre-fab framing typically done on a Habitat home... but I can assure you it's not rocket surgery. The Habitat SOS's will be there to guide us along the way. 

If you are interested in lending a hand on Sunday April 25th to be a part of a new thing, give me an email or shout. If you need more information you can likewise give me an email or a shout. We will still have our usual Unity Build in the fall, so if this opportunity doesn't work with your schedule no worries!

Agape & hakuna matata!


Please contact Andrew Southern to add your name to the list of volunteers or for more information about the next build!