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Missions is part of our DNA

Woodmont has always been a part of missions. We believe in spreading the love of Christ not only to our community, but to the utter-most parts of the world. Because of this belief, we organize multiple mission trips every year. 


Pray About Your Involvement

Do you have a vision for missions? Are you willing to prayerfully consider being a member of a future missionary team? Pray about giving yourself away for a week in order to help others who are so desperately in need of both physical and spiritual healing.

Ongoing Woodmont Missions

Day of Missions

Habitat for Humanity

Burro Bags

Room in the Inn

• Dominican Republic (See below)

• Sierre Leone (See below)

Woman on Missions

2018 Missions


Guatemala Mission Trip

We are returned to Guatemala City June 22-29 to work with our friends at Macedonia Baptist Church! This trip included medical missions and a back yard Bible club

Dominica Construction Mission Trip

July 6-14

70% of the structures on the island of Dominica were wiped out by both Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Winds of 170mph ripped through the island, and they have failed to receive the aid promised to them by European countries.

2017 Missions


Guatemala Mission Trip

This mission trip was to Guatemala where we partnered with a local church to help with backyard Bible Clubs, medical and eye assistance, and construction. 

2016 Missions


Dominican Republic

Our final Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic happened July 15-22. The trip provided medical & dental relief to the residents of Juan Tomas, and included a large construction project. Our team helped construct a two-story medical clinic.

2015 Missions...


Juan Tomas, Dominican Republic


On July 17, 2015 a 30-member group from Woodmont Baptist Church departed Nashville to provide medical, dental, vision, construction, and spiritual aid to the residents of Juan Tomas, located about 25 miles north of Santo Domingo. This small village of 5000 residents is located in a very remote area. There are no health or dental clinics within a 15-mile radius. Our team was able to provide care to over 1,100 medical and vision patients and 400 dental patients. Additionally, our team was able to support these clinics with a fully staffed pharmacy.  


A portion of our team worked in the area of construction. A new roof structure was added to an existing building, several interior and exterior walls were painted, and a number of benches and tables were constructed for classroom use. Two large signs were also constructed and lifted into place.


Once again our team worked with the Fountain of Life School which is an on-going ministry of Partners In Christ, a faith-based organization in Ohio. This is the fourth consecutive year that a team has traveled from our church to provide ministry in that community. Our consistent work attempts to provide a continuity of care to many in the area. Through the years we have experienced deepening relationships with those who lead the school and with many neighbors in the community. Above all, it remains our hope that what we do is Kingdom work. We pray that all that we have done in the name of the Great King will continue to bear fruit.

Sierra Leone 2015

Welcome to Lunsar, Sierra Leone

Class at RC girls school

Cafeteria, lunch preparation

High school

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