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Our Food Pantry distributes food every Tuesday from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

The Food Pantry Team delivers the food bags to the vehicles of those in need under the North Portico.
Donate Financially
If you would like to donate financially to the Food Pantry you can click the link below to go to our giving page. 
Donate Pantry Items
You can also donate food pantry items. Visit our Amazon wishlist to see what needs we currently have.
Volunteer in the Food Pantry
You can also volunteer in the food pantry.
Email Elaine Bright or Sarah Tarr for more information about the Food Pantry Ministry at Woodmont!

The food pantry serves an average 30-35-households each week so bulk donations would be greatly appreciated.


Please NOTE: May distribute items past Best if Used By/Before per USDA.

Needed Items:

  • Beans (15 oz cans)

  • Cake mix and frosting (to help guests celebrate their kids' birthdays)

  • Cereal boxes (10.5 to 12 oz any variety)

  • Chicken (5 oz cans)

  • Chilli cans (serving for approx 4)

  • Corn (15 oz cans)

  • Fruit 15 oz cans (Mixed fruit, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges, etc)

  • Gift Cards Kroger for perishable items (leave with Lil Cook for purchasing produce, bread, meat, eggs, milk, & cheese)

  • Instant Mashed Potatoes (packet approx 4 oz)

  • Jelly (20 oz small plastic squeezable)

  • Mac and Cheese boxes (7.25 oz)

  • Pasta Noodles (16 oz package spaghetti, penne, rotini, etc.)

  • Peanut Butter (16 oz small plastic jars)

  • Salt and Pepper disposable combo shakers 

  • Saltine Crackers boxes

  • Soup 10.5 oz cans (no glass jars) 

  • Stuffing (5 oz box)

  • Tuna cans (5 oz)

  • Vegetable cans

History and Mission of the Food Pantry
Our Mission
The Woodmont Baptist Church Food Pantry Ministry serves to minister to the local community by collecting and distributing supplemental food.  Guests can come once a month to pick up items for their household. We strive to serve those in need with compassion, respect, and dignity as a representation of Christ’s love for us. We also aim to meet spiritual needs by offering support, encouraging words, and prayer. 
Our History
The history goes back to the early years when WBC helped people out with food, but in the fall of 2010 Gaye Eichler worked to establish the first room here at the church as a Food Pantry with member donations.  The S.A.L.T. Class stocked it for a year. Nell Sally along with others managed it during that time to keep order and pack bags. 2016 is the first time the Food Pantry was set aside as a ministry guided by a committee. The Food Pantry is now named in memory of Jan Regen for her dedication and service.
The Process
  • The Food Pantry is open on Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. – Noon. 
  • Guests coming in for the first time complete a confidential information sheet. This streamlines subsequent visits.
  • Guests can come once a month.
  • If a guest requests prayer, someone will sit with them and talk about their concerns and pray with them.

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