Why Life Groups?

Christianity is a team sport. It was never meant to be done alone. That’s why we encourage everyone at Woodmont to connect within a Life Group.


Life Groups are classes that typically involve 8-25 people who have committed to living out their faith together. These are groups that function as little churches within the church. They are led by volunteers who are dedicated to cultivating discipleship, fellowship, and ministry among their members.


The members of a Life Group pray for one another and bear each other’s burdens. They rejoice with each other’s joys and weep for each other’s sorrows. Life Groups find meaningful ways to grow together and serve together. Most of our Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings before our worship service. See below for more information.

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Sunday Morning Life Groups

Classes are from 9:15-10:15am.

*Meet In-Person and on Zoom


Gospel-centered, enriching Bible study

Young Adults (Rm B308)


Singles & Married Young Professionals

Young Adults (Rm B309)


Recent college graduates and graduate students. (Room B307)

If you are interested in joining us or learning more, feel free to email LeEllen at lnphillips@gmail.com for more info.


Families with young children

(Rm B236)

*Family Matters

All ages & stages of life welcome

(Rm B306)


Interactive, In-depth Study

Inter-generational Adults


*The Firm

Scripture study, sharing & fun!

Ages 40+ (Rm B304)


Diverse group of marrieds and singles. Topical studies.

Ages 45+ (Rm B305)

*Senior Fellowship

Men, ages 50+ (Media Center)

*Good News

Encourages discussion (Zoom Only)

Ages 60+ (Rm B313)


In-depth Scripture study

Ages 50+ (Rm B222)