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Burro Bags Ministry

Burro Bags is our food ministry for Hillsboro High School students. Since 2012, we have delivered food bags to the Hillsboro High School students who are a part of the food assistance program.


The food assistance program provides lunches for the students during the week, but it doesn't provide any food assistance over the weekend. That's where the Burro Bags Ministry comes in. We provide food bags to these students so they can have some extra assistance over the weekend.

Calvary Methodist Church began sharing this ministry with Woodmont. Woodmont Baptist will begin delivering food bags after Labor Day.


We need your support for this community project! Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • We need volunteers to bring in food items such as: drinks, protein bars, microwavable containers of spaghetti, mac and cheese, soup, popcorn, cereal, fruit cups, fresh fruit, and beef jerky. There will be a bin in the north entry lobby for items. You may also purchase items off of the Burro Bags Ministry Amazon wishlist.

  • We need volunteers to bag 16 bags weekly.

  • We need volunteers to deliver the bags each Friday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. They can be delivered on Thursday if there is a problem bringing on Friday. 

  • We need money and prayers to support this ministry.


If you can help prepare bags and/or deliver food bags to Hillsboro High School, please contact Nan Teeter at


This is a wonderful class or individual project, and everyone can be involved. If you can’t bag or deliver, we need your support in prayers and contributions. Since the beginning of this project, we have delivered over 1,800 bags of food to students in need at Hillsboro!

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