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Young Adult Classes Kick-off

Sunday, September 9 at 9:15am

On September 9, some new and exciting changes are coming for our 20-30-40 somethings this fall!


There will be a joint Bible Study hour (9am) for all 4 classes in Fellowship Hall to kick off these new changes. We have cards available in the Welcome Centers with information about our 4 new classes.  

The classes are as follows:

CATALYST for recent college grads & grad students will meet in Room B307 (the former YMON room), led by LeEllen Phillips.

LAUNCH for singles & married young professionals will meet in Room B309, led by Jared Hagler, Brad & Aubrey McKelvey.

*PLACE for individuals & couples in their 30’s & 40’s will meet in Room B311 (the former Veritas classroom), led by Carlos Rousselin & Julie McGlasson.

VERITAS for families with young children will meet in Room B236 (where the parenting class in now meeting), led by John & Janelle Schlamp. (Veritas will not meet until the parenting classes are over in November.)

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