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  • We strongly recommend (but do not require) that attendees mask and observe social distancing while inside our building, but do not need to wear a mask if outside and distancedHowever, masks and distancing are required at all times in the balcony.

  • Children (3 years of age and up) will need to wear a mask if they are inside the building, but do not need to wear a mask if outside and distanced.​

  • Registration for services is not required. 

  • Childcare for ages 0-3 will be available. Children ages 4 and up will need to sit with their family.​​

  • If you are in a higher risk category for severe illness, please remain home. Similarly, please remain home if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, including but not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath. See the CDC website for a more complete list of symptoms.​

  • We will have two offering boxes at the Welcome Center so that you may give your tithes and offerings as you exit. As has been true in past weeks, you may also continue to give online, by mail, or by text. Our giving is both a response of gratitude for God’s generosity towards us and a sign of faith in God’s future provision.

  • Please watch the video from Dr. Jerry Hickson below for more detailed information on how to stay safe during these times.