The Feeding Tree


Christmas is the season of giving. And in that spirit, Woodmont has given the hungry of our community a really big gift... an 8-ton, 24-foot high gift. We called it the “Feeding Tree.” It’s a Christmas Tree that has been constructed of 26,000 cans of food.


As you may know, the problem of hunger is very real in the state of Tennessee and here in our city as well. Statistics reveal that 1 out of every 6 people here in our state struggle with daily hunger needs. During the holiday season our Feeding Tree raised the awareness of need and also provided some very tangible help to alleviate that need. The tree has already been dismantled and the cans have been distributed to 10 local area food ministries.

Please see link below to donate and learn more about how you can help us meet our giving goal of $14,000 for this year's Feeding Tree.

Here’s how you can help:


Monetary Giving Options:

Check: Bring a check to the church office, mail it, or place it in the offering. Please indicate on your check that the amount is designated for “The Feeding Tree.”

Giving Kiosk: Giving is also available on our giving kiosk in the office foyer. You will be able to select the Feeding Tree as a giving option.


Online Payment: Click the link below to go to our online giving page. You will be able to select the Feeding Tree as a giving option.