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2023 Deacon Nominations


Dear Church Family,


We believe that the members of our church have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being and health of our congregation. One way to do that is by prayerfully choosing deacons each year. 


The deacon body of Woodmont Baptist Church is comprised of 18 men and women who have been elected by the congregation to be the servant leaders of our church family. They meet monthly to review what God is doing, to pray for God’s direction and blessing, and to help conduct the business of our church. Deacons serve a three-year term, so each year we elect 6 deacons to begin a new term (and 6 deacons roll off).


The Bible says that deacons are servants who are set aside by a church to lead through service. Their character and integrity are what matters most according to the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. 


When Jude was first baptized into membership at Woodmont, he became eligible to nominate deacons and then vote for them later. He asked me who he should vote for. I told him to look at the list and ask two questions, 1) Do they show up? 2) Do they serve? This is overly simplistic, I know, but it’s a helpful way to think through who you might want to nominate this year. 


Below is a link to those members who are eligible to be a deacon during this term according to our bylaws. Paper copies are available in the welcome centers or by request via mail. Each church member is allowed to nominate up to 6 names from this list. 


We are accepting nominations through email, phoning the office, filling out the form below, or by filling out a Deacon Nomination Card and dropping it in the designated boxes at our Welcome Centers. Nominations are due by Sunday, January 29. In mid-February, the Deacon Nominating Committee will present a list of nominees, and 6 will be elected as deacons. 


Thank you for continuing to be the church. I am excited about what the LORD is doing in our midst as we love Him with all that we are, love our neighbors as ourselves, and make disciples.


Grace and peace,


Nathan Parker

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