We will be having periodic church-wide Congregational Meetings during this transitional time as we search for an interim pastor as well as a permanent pastor for Woodmont.

Congregational Meeting (July 10, 2016)

Our Sunday Congregational Meeting was led by Jamie Dunham. She shared the results of the Pastor Search Survey. View the notes by clicking here (pdf pocument). Listen to the audio by clicking below. 

Click below to hear the AUDIO

Congregational Meeting (May 22, 2016)

Our Sunday Congregational Meeting with Dr. John Lepper was amazing! Thank you, congregation for being faithful in attendance and for being on time. It was a great outpouring of interest and enthusiasm. 


It was a very healthy meeting with lots of great input from Dr. John Lepper and our members. We ask you continue to pray for our church during these days of transition. 


Coming soon you will hear a recommendation pertaining to the Interim Pastor Search Committee from the DAC (Deacon Administrative Committee).

Below is the information Dr. John Lepper provided as we begin dealing with the issues of a church in transition...

Challenges of Transition:

  • Managing intense feelings including anxiety

  • Saying goodbye to former leadership and to the past

  • Coming to terms with the church’s history

  • Discovering or rediscovering the identity of the church

  • Rediscovering and affirming the church’s purpose

  • Dealing with shifts of power

  • Dealing with conflict and how decisions are made

  • Evaluating links to the denomination and similar groups

  • Making decisions about procedures on selecting a new pastor

  • Making a commitment to a new leader and a new future

Click below to watch the VIDEO

Click below to hear the AUDIO

Click below to hear the AUDIO