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Ash Wednesday: Returning to Dust

Wednesday, Feb. 14th at 6:30pm


  "You return man to dust
        and say, "'Return, O children of man!'"
                            - Psalm 90:3

Woodmont will once again observe this important time of worship together on Wednesday night, Feb. 14 in the sanctuary. I read somewhere recently that Ash Wednesday is the most honest service of the year. It is easy to go through life without stopping to assess the truth of the situation you find yourself in. Ash Wednesday is a call to face the facts, to own up to reality of our current condition. 

At Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday’), revelers indulge while often wearing masks. On Ash Wednesday, we take our masks off as we are confronted by two key realities - 1) we are but dust that lives on this earth for a little while, and 2) we are broken and in need.

We will face these dual realities head on this year as we look at Genesis 3 and Psalm 90 together. My prayer is that we will then be able to live our lives grounded in these eternal truths that enable to live lives of fearlessness, dependence of the grace of God, and purpose. We will have a time of corporate confession, responsive readings, and a chance to receive the ashes as a symbol both of our mortality and our repentance. All are welcome to join us for this special night of worship and reflection. 

Grace and peace,

Nathan Parker


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